Brian Baliach's Portfolio

Brian Baliach's Portfolio


As a full-stack software engineer with over 4 years of experience, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to tackle complex problems and develop efficient, user-friendly applications across various industries. My expertise spans front-end web development, cross-platform mobile app creation, and backend integration using a wide range of programming languages and tools. This portfolio showcases some of my most notable projects and highlights the impact they've had on the organizations I've worked with.

1. Joosmoo - Food Ordering and Delivery Mobile App

Platform: iOS and Android

Availability: Google Play Store

Link: Playstore

Joosmoo is a mobile application designed to streamline the food ordering and delivery process for both customers and restaurants. I was responsible for developing the app's frontend and backend, integrating with various APIs to ensure smooth and efficient communication between users, delivery drivers, and restaurant partners. The app has helped restaurants expand their reach and customer base, while also providing an easy and convenient solution for hungry diners.

2. Muthaiga Golf Club Mobile Application

Platform: iOS and Android

Availability: Google Play Store

Link: Playstore

The Muthaiga Golf Club app aimed to enhance the club members' experience by providing up-to-date information about tournaments, tee-times, and club facilities. I led the development of the app, working closely with the club's management to ensure the app catered to their needs and improvement requests. The app has been well-received by members, leading to increased engagement and participation in club events.

3. E-Commerce Online Platform - Destiny Capsules

Platform: Website

Link: Destiny Capsules

Destiny Capsules is an e-commerce platform created to sell a range of health and wellness products. I developed the entire website, including the frontend design and backend logic, ensuring a seamless and secure shopping experience for customers. The platform optimized the sales process and expanded the company's reach to a wider audience, resulting in increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

4. Leta - Logistics Management System

Platform: Website (Dashboard)


In my role at Leta, I was responsible for developing vehicle routing algorithms and visualization solutions to optimize logistics operations. I worked on data and API integration, enabling real-time data processing and communication across the platform. This project significantly improved the efficiency of the company's logistics operations, leading to substantial cost savings and greater customer satisfaction.

5. Skyetechgroup - School Management System

Platform: Website (Admin, Student Portals)

Link: NPBC

I led the development of a multi-branch school management system that provided data centralization and security features. This involved ensuring timely and accurate data transfer while handling vast data workloads and implementing industry-standard security measures. The system has been successfully deployed in several schools, streamlining their data management processes, and improving overall organizational efficiency.

You can find additional projects in my Github. Feel free to fork/clone the repos as you please.

Please contact me if you'd like more information regarding these projects or would like to discuss potential collaboration opportunities in the future.